Electric Votive Stand

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Electric Votive Stand
This solid oak cabinet plugs into a wall.  Each red, glass votive has a "flicker bulb" inside.  If you push the button in the front of any of the votives, the flicker bulb will light. To turn off the flicker bulb, the button needs to be pushed again. If you want the unit to turn off automatically, you will need to get the "Electronic" Votive Stand.

84 Lights with a 16" square area for a statue.  
Statues are available for purchase separately.  
Measurements: 53"H x 95"W x 38"D.

Any of our Institutional Votive Stands can be custom made to fit any area in your Church. 

These votive stands are made to order.  Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.  

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