Institutional Votive Stands

Below are Votive Stands for Churches, Schools and other Institutions.
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We have Electric, Electronic and Candle Stands.

  • Electric Votive Stands: each Votive manually turns on and off with the push of a button.
  • Electronic Votive Stands have timers so they don't need to be manually shut off. Each unit comes pre-programmed to shut off every 8, 12 or 24 hours (or any time interval of your choice).
  • Candle Stands have no electrical components.

Any Votive Stand can be custom made to fit any area of your choice. The Ruby colored glass can be replaced with Blue or Green at no extra cost.  Offering boxes and inserts are also available. 

Candle Votive Stands
Electric Votive Stands
Each Votive is manually turned on and off
Electronic Votive Stands
Each Votive is manually turned on and is automatically shut off via a timer
Individual Votives & Sanctuary Lamps
Collection Boxes
Votive Glass


Customer Comment:
"Thanks a lot! The votive stand is beautiful! It fits right into our small church and Father had it placed in front of Mary.  Everyone has made wonderful comments about this addition to the church."   Linda M.  St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church, Crestline, CA