24" Outdoor Nativity Set - 15 Piece Full Set - Discount Catholic Store

Nativity Set - 15 Piece Full Set Outdoor

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Outdoor Nativity - 15 Piece Full Set.  St. Joseph is 25" tall & Mary is 24" tall.  Angel is 27" in height.  The tallest piece (a King) is 36" tall.  
Each Statue is molded directly from an original sculpture and cast in durable polyvinyl-resin. Then it is meticulously painted with multi-colored details. It is lightweight, unbreakable and designed for outdoor display but is also commonly used indoors as well. It is hollow inside, has a plug at the bottom and can be filled with quick-crete, gravel or stone (instructions included.)
Pieces can be sold separately - call (888)664-1123.