Job's Tear Rosary

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24" Length.  Comes in a plastic gift box. 

Explanation of the Job's Tear Rosary:

"Mine eye poureth out tears unto God." Job 16:20

A very common seed with a legend going back to the days of Job, the Patient One, is that of a tall grass with the scientific name Coix lachrymajobi called Job’s Tears for short. The name comes from the hard, shining tear-like seeds that have a bluish-gray porcelain appearance.

Legend says that in his grief for the many agonies he endured, Job wept ‘tears unto God’. And they weren’t wasted for, as his tears fell to the ground, a miracle happened. The tears were as seed which sprouted and grew into a tall, luxuriant growth of rare beauty. That tall grass, in turn, produced seed resembling those same tears Job wept so copiously in his hour of grief.




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